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I picked up a camera many many years ago and haven't put one down since. I went through a brief stint as a pro but decided I wanted to shoot for myself, not at the whim of others. A bunch of years ago this old film shooter got dragged into the digital age and I haven't looked back.

My work is dedicated to and in honor of my mother: she was my mentor and is my inspiration. My goal, quite simply, is to achieve the same level of photographic excellence that she has... but I doubt I ever will!

I needed an outlet other than my Galleries ( to put my work, as well as a place I could vent a bit. A blog seemed the perfect place, thus this forum.

I love writing and don't really care whether anyone reads this blog or not... my enjoyment derives from putting it together.

HEY, don't just sit there reading... talk to me!! Leave comments, send me regular e-mail, whatever... I would love to hear from you!